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SNI ISO 31000:2018 & Manajemen Risiko Masuk Kampus

Penulis: Charles R. Vorst, MM., BCCS, CERG, ERMCP, QCRO, QRGP, CCGO, CGOP – Sekretaris Jenderal IRMAPA. Oktober 2018 menjadi bulan penting bagi komunitas manajemen risiko di Indonesia. Pertama, tanggal 29 Oktober 2018 telah resmi dirilis Standar Nasional Indonesia (SNI) Manajemen Risiko ISO [...]


MARKET RISK MANAGER : Kualifikasi : WNI dengan kriteria young, energetic and experienced Market Risk Manager Pengalaman 2 - 5 tahun menghandle langsung tugas tugas terkait market risk dan atau risk middle office. Job Deskripsi Singkat sebagai berikut : Membuat Market Risk [...]

ERM Analyst

PT ABM Investama Tbk is a part of TMT Group that serves as an investment holding company, operate and manage 12 subsidiaries. Its mission is to develop and optimize its subsidiaries that are related to the energy sector  to create synergy and [...]

Vacant Positions

Internal Audit Specialist Job Desc: To test and evaluate the implementation of the internal control and risk management system, in accordance with the company’s policy for certain process. Prepare audit universe and risks matrix, prepare annual audit plan, review all significant processes, [...]

ERM Manager

Position : ERM Manager General Qualifications: Develop, maintain, manage and execute a comprehensive process for identifying, assessing, mitigating, monitoring and reporting on risks that may impact on organizational performance Oversee, and in some areas implement, the plan of risk control actions (e.g. [...]