/Webinar “The Role of CRO in Risk Oversight and How to Measure Its Effectiveness”
Webinar “The Role of CRO in Risk Oversight and How to Measure Its Effectiveness”2021-04-27T16:14:52+07:00

Webinar “The Role of CRO in Risk Oversight and How to Measure Its Effectiveness”

Rabu, 14 April 2021

Sinopsis Program

Chief Risk Officer has a significant role in coordinating effective and efficient risk management in an organization, besides also making sure that the compliance with regulatory requirements is managed well. The webinar will discuss in depth on this particular case – led by David Koenig, the founder of the DCRO  Directors and Chief Risk Officers Group) who is also the author of the well-renowned book “The Board Member’s Guide to Risk” and Todd Davies, a governance and risk expert, who is also one of the DCRO exemplars.
Mr. Koenig and Mr. Davies will share their insights on the importance of the role of CROs in organizations, what should be done by CROs and the Boards to better govern the organization’s risk taking – especially in this post-pandemic time – and how to measure its effectiveness. Mr. Davies will also share his recent study and its result, which involved 30 organizations, on what organisations want and need from their CROs and whether their teams are delivering on these elements.
Dr. Antonius Alijoyo, CRMS’ Founder and Principal, who is also Commissioner in many global, prominent companies, will also deliver his insights on the pivotal role of CRO in companies, and which factors that could be used to measure the effectiveness of a CRO’s role.
Mrs. Linawati Widjaja, Chief Risk Officer of Manulife Life Insurance Indonesia will share her hands-on experience- her particular role as CRO, the company’s expectation from her role, and how to measure that her job and responsibility has been executed effectively – in leading risk management team in one of the Indonesia’s biggest life insurance company.
Last but not least, Mr. Surjorimba Suroto, Senior Manager/Head of Risk and Governance of PT. Jakarta Propertindo will also share his views on the company’s expectation of a CRO and how to measure the effectiveness of a CRO’s role.


  1. David R. Koenig
    Author, “The Board Member’s Guide to Risk”

    Founder and Principal of the DCRO (Directors & Chief Risk Officers Group), USA
    Board Member in various organizations and Risk Governance Expert

  2. Todd Davies

    Founder of Todd Davies & Associates, Australia
    Chairman, Audit and Risk Committee, NSW Department of Education
    Chair/Member, Risk, Audit and Performance Committee, South Australia Health

  3. Antonius Alijoyo
    Founder and Principal, CRMS (Center for Risk Management and Sustainability) Indonesia
    Board Member – Independent Commissioner, Chairperson of Audit Committee of PT AIG Indonesia
    Chairperson of Indonesia Risk Management Professional Association

  4. Linawati Widjaja
    Chief Risk Officer, Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia (AJMI)

  5. Surjorimba Suroto

    Head of Governance and Risk Management at PT Jakarta Propertindo (Perseroda)


  1. Fadjar Proboseno
    Master Trainer and Technical Adviser at Center for Risk Management & Sustainability (CRMS)


Hari, Tanggal: Rabu, 14 April 2021
Waktu: 09.00-12.00 WIB.

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